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A brief outline of the Metropolitan League

Currently the league is made up of 23 athletic and running clubs from Berkshire, Essex, Hertfordshire and Middlesex.

There are 5 Metropolitan League cross country fixtures held in various locations between October and February. Male & female athletes from aged 9 upwards compete at each fixture and there are 6 races which are categorised as, under 11 boys, under 11 girls, under 13 boys, under 13 girls, combined under 15 boys and under 17 men, combined under 15 girls and under 17 women, combined senior women and veteran women then finally, senior men and veteran men. The senior and veterans races also include divisions one, two and three.

Everyone that completes their respective race, no matter what position they finish, scores for their club. These points are calculated after each fixture. After the final fixture the league results are totaled up and the winners are crowned.

We would like to reguarly update the photos that are displayed on this website. If you have any pictures from a Met League fixture that you would like displayed, either recent or historical, please send them to the Webmaster for consideration. Please also inform the Webmaster if you object to a photo that is displayed on this site.